Physical manipulation, characterization
and formulation of pharmaceuticals

Training School

Ecole thematique CNRS 2014

16-20 June 2014
Val Joly (Nord, France)


This training school will provide participants with the fundamentals of materials science underlying the research pharmaceutical formulation. The training will focus on: the different materials used in the field of pharmacy and food, their physical states, their specific modes of preparation and transformation induced by the typical constraints imposed by industrial processes. The participants will also gain a thorough understanding of specific experimental methods suitable for the physical characterization of these materials. The teaching will be illustrated by examples encountered in pharmaceutical and food. It will be a transdisciplinary education at the interface between materials science and pharmacy.

The training school is co-organized by the CNRS (Ecole Thématique 2014) and the INTERREG 4A "2Seas" crossborder project AMPTEC (Advanced Materials and Pharmaceutical TECHnologies).

The training school will be held from 16 to 20 June 2014 at the Val Joly site (59132 Eppe-Sauvage, Nord, France). The school will organized in 45' lectures based on concrete examples and seminars given by experts in the field. The training will be given in English. In addition, two half-day of practical presentations around the equipments of preparation and characterization will be held in the organizers laboratories at the University of Lille 1 and Lille 2. Special emphasis will also be left for discussion in which participants can interact with each other and with lecturers. A room will be reserved for the presentation of posters throughout the school. Time slots will be devoted to discussions around these posters (during breaks and in the evening ) to allow participants to present their specific themes and to facilitate scientific exchange between them.

The school targets Master and PhD students, post-docs, technical staffs, researchers from academia and from industry.

The number of participants is limited to 40. See registration section for fees. On request and depending on the organization possibilities, some accomodation and travel grants might be attributed. We strongly recommand to register as soon as possibe.


Organizing Comitee

Tentative programme is available here