The Advanced Materials and Pharmaceutical Technologies Cluster (AMPTEC) is the result of the merging of the MultiDES (Multi-Drug Eluting Stent) and IDEA (Improving Drugs Efficacy and Availability) INTERREG IVA 2 Seas projects. MultiDES developed a new multifunctional drug eluting stent to treat cardiovascular diseases and improve patients’ life. IDEA established a platform for the development of innovative drug forms with better stability, efficiency and bioavailability. Both projects have mobilized world-leading researchers who will join forces and pool their respective skills in materials sciences, pharmaceutics, continuous processing technologies and medical devices to establish this new Cluster. AMPTEC will increase cross-border collaboration between Universities and SMEs under the support of INTERREG IV 2seas. The added value of the two projects is the unique capabilities for the development of new pharmaceutical forms and medical implants by using novel formulation and analytical techniques. The combination of their world-class research competence and state of the art equipment has attracted the interest of pharmaceutical and medical companies.

The Cluster aims to consolidate, valorise and disseminate the competency, expertise and the state of the art research capacities of the Cluster members of the two projects. The Cluster members have strong expertise in the developments of novel pharmaceutical products by using novel technologies such as Hot Melt Extrusion, co-grinding, ink-jetting, spray-drying, freeze-drying and solvent evaporation. The partners built a unique trans-disciplinary network in the cross-border in order to establish a Centre of Excellence in the 2seas area that will attract companies for the development of new products, improve healthcare and higher education. The University of Lille 1 (Coordinator: F. Affouard) will lead the Centre which will be spread across the 2seas area and the partners will compose a multidisciplinary group aiming to address real problems in partnership with industry, government agencies and other organizations.

The Cluster also aims to disseminate the obtained results and enlarge the impact to the general public, academics, research community, local authorities and the cross- border area. For this purpose the cluster partners will organize a conference in Lille with the participation of eminent scientist, under/postgraduate students, industrial sector, local authorities and citizens to communicate the outcomes of the IDEA and MultiDES projects. These outcomes represent a huge progress as they have maximized the involvement of healthcare provides, establish strong links between academia – industry, developed new medical products and increased the employability of highly skilful researchers. A brochure for the general public will be published according to the 2Seas template, as well as the conference proceedings and leaflets. Furthermore, the partners will also organize training activities for highly qualified specialists from pharmaceutical and agrochemicals companies and academic research institutions in the 2-seas region.

The expertise of the AMPTEC members offers an opportunity for specialized training and thus three “Training schools” events will be organized in UK, France and Belgium and will involve taught lectures and laboratory training in advance characterization and formulation techniques. In addition, the planned action of the cluster will help the cross-border area to develop a competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world and to unlock business potential, particularly of SMEs. This will be done through research collaborations with SMEs , exchange research ideas and know–how for the development of pharmaceutical or medical products In the second phase the partners will conduct a research case study in “Advanced Technologies on Continuous Manufacturing of Solid Dispersions and Process Analytical Tools” This important study will be used as a platform to demonstrate the combined expertise in state-of-the-art research and development of the cluster but also to set up the grounds for a new project for the 2seas coming calls.


2 Seas Magazine Special Focus - June 2014. "A cluster initiative: Advanced Materials and Pharmaceutical TEChnologies (AMPTEC)"
English edition(external link)

2 Seas Magazine Dossier Spécial - Juin 2014. "Initiative de cluster: Matériaux Avancés et Technologies Pharmaceutiques (AMPTEC)"
Edition française(external link)

2 Seas Magazine Speciaal Dossier - Juni 2014. "Clusterinitiatief: Geavanceerde materialen en Farmaceutische Technologieën (AMPTEC)"
Nederlandse editie(external link)

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