In spite of the advances made in the last decades, there is currently an enormous need for the development of new solid-state pharmaceutical products with improved bioavailability, efficacy, safety, chemical and physical stability. In addition, new materials should be biodegradable, hemocompatible, non-toxic and their physical states fully characterized. It is also of importance to introduce new products by using novel technologies such as nanoparticles, amorphous solid dispersions, cocrystals and implantable devices.

The aim of the AMPTEC2014 conference is thus to provide a forum for broad scientific and technological exchange among researchers working in fundamental and applied academic research and pharmaceutical industry from all around the world focusing on the following topics:

· Amorphous states

· Co-crystals

· Crystallization processes

· Physical manipulations

· Biopharmaceuticals

· Controlled drug delivery systems

· Formulation of drug delivery systems

· Active biomaterials

· Medical devices

· Nanomedecines

· Numerical and theoretical approaches

For the AMPTEC 2014 conference, we shall organize an interdisciplinary program with the purpose of pointing out new directions and challenges in diverse areas of research and to foster international collaborations. In order to achieve these goals, the conference program will be organized as oral presentations on the main frontier achievements given by established scientists, short talks on recent scientific findings and posters that will help to facilitate informal and friendly debates and communications between researchers in different areas.

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